By Valentin Valchev
Jan 15th 2004


eBookCollector is a Java program to manage your book collection.

It is still in early alpha but already includes these features:

  • Thinlet based XML UI with skinning support
  • Advanced searching capabilities
  • Supports multiple categories for the books
  • Amazon Web Services enabled
  • Easy to use
  • It's real!
Adding New Entries

Start the program and click on the "New Entry" button and enter some ISBN number, like 043935806X, 0439139597, 0764547496, 1575211483 or 1592730043.

Then click on the "Amazon!" button. A little after (depending on your internet connection) you should get the book fields filed in. Well most of all will be filed. You must enter manualy the 'keywords' and eventually the 'abstract' fields.

When you have filed all required fields (those in itallics), you can choose some of the categories. Finally, press the "Save" button to store the book in the database.


Press the search tab and select from the options. It's simple it's easy, it's fast.

When the search is complete, if there are some result they will be shown on the right. Choose the *picture* to select the book and look at (or edit) it's details.

Managing Categories

From the Browse Tab, choose a category at the tree and press the right mouse button. Then a popup menu will be shown from which you can choose to:

  • delete selected category
  • rename selected category
  • add a new sub-category of the selected one
eBookCollector in Action
thumb Viewing/Editing Book Details.
thumb Calling Amazon Web Services to fill in the Book details.
thumb Seeing the result of a Search Query.
thumb Browsing Book Categories.

A lot of thanks to the SourceForge team for hosting my projects. Thank you folks!

Many thanks to Robert Bajzat, the creator of the Thinlet Toolkit. And to Eugene Klein, who has modified it, adding skin and styling support in Skinlet.

Also thanks to the HSQL DB development team for providing the database backend for my project.

Thanks to all other people that helped me somehow but unfortunately I forgot to mention their names in this page. Thank you!

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